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This week has been possibly the best week for the blog so far! And it is all down to this post! I was lucky enough to be given the chance to interview Jane Crowther from Total Film Magazine. Crowther started her career at just 14, when she started working for the Yorkshire Post. Since then she has worked her way to the top and inspired millions, including myself, by becoming the Editor In Chief for Total Film Magazine.

With a brilliant film industry background Crowther has definitely deserved her place! And for me to get the chance to interview her, has been an incredible moment in my life. I cannot thank Jane enough for taking the time to answer my questions, as I can only imagine how much work she has to do every day.

The work Jane does is something I aspire to do in the future which is why this interview was so life changing as it allowed me to finally get the answers about the industry that not many people can tell you about, in a honest and fun way.

So a massive THANK YOU to Jane Crowther again!

Please take a look at the interview below to see what an incredible woman Crowther is...

You started your career at 14, how did you break into the industry at such a young age and what affect did it have on your personal life?

I did work experience at my local paper and was prepared to do ANYTHING (tea runs, clearing cupboards, writing listings, going to clippings etc) and made myself useful round the features desk. I started writing for the 'Youth Page' on the paper and then work up to reviewing films, theatre, pantos and writing advertorials for the paper on a freelance basis. It didn't affect my personal life at all - this is what I wanted to do so it was like a hobby to me.

Did starting a successful career at such a young age affect your personal view on the way in which the industry is now?

Only in as much as I've seen huge change in the time I've been involved in the industry. When I started journalists relied on the clipping department to research features - there was no internet! - and working in journalism was entirely print-based. Over the years I've seen the industry become increasingly digitised and it's made me aware that everyone needs to evolve and be able to move with the times in order to stay in the business.

What inspired you to become a film Journalist?

I loved films and I read every review I could get my hands on. I loved Pauline Kael and wanted to be her.

Growing up, who were the most influential critics to you?

Pauline Kael, Barry Norman, Ebert and Siskel, Mark Salisbury, Ian Nathan.

What has been the best piece of work advice you have ever been given? 

That there's no such thing as luck - only opportunity meeting ambition. Also, be able to write for anything  - an advert, a fanzine, a broadsheet, a tabloid, a specialist mag - and you can always work as a journalist. There's no place for niche writers, you need to be flexible and reliable and then go after the niche business.

What's different in your job compared to what you thought it would be like?

Nothing. Because I was in a newsroom from 14, I was lucky enough to understand what was involved. The nice surprises has been some of the amazing things my job has allowed me to do - really money can't buy experiences.

In a male dominated job, do you think that you have influenced females to take a more leading role in higher status jobs within the media industry?

I don't know. I hope that female writers see that it IS possible for women to do well in this industry. On Total Film we have an even mix of gender in all roles and that's as it should be.

As an Editor in Chief, what do you do to make sure that the magazine is unique against its competitors?

Our reviews can't be bought, we don't talk down to readers - we have a conversation with them - and we're just as interested in the cool, quirky and challenging films as the tentpole movies. We also have a sense of irreverence and cheeky sense of humour in tone.

Looking over the history of Total Film, what has been your favourite piece to cover?

Skyfall. I went on-set four times in the UK and Istanbul and as a lifelong Bond fan it was absolutely awesome!
Final Question, what’s your favourite film?

Dirty Dancing. I know - not cool, but I love it!

End of the interview! Thank you Jane Crowther for the brilliant answers!

How incredible is Jane Crowther! A massive thank you again and I hope all of you enjoyed reading about it! This has taught me so much as an aspiring journalist and I hope that I have helped all other writers who want to become reviewers by doing this interview as well :) 

Also 'Dirty Dancing' is a fantastic film so all watch it if you haven't!

Tell me your thoughts about the interview on twitter @LetsStartNow18!

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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