New Catching Fire Trailer and Character Poster's...


Hello My Lovely's, 

It has been a very exciting time for every Hunger Games fan this weekend including myself, as the cast and crew took to the Comic Con Hall H to bring the new trailer into the world. Focusing on the characters as they prepare for the Quarter Quell, it is a strong start to a film that is going to blow people’s minds.

Take a look...

I cannot wait for the films November 21st release and something that has made it extra special is the introduction of all the new characters we have to look forward to seeing. From Finnick to Johanna, the casting team have built a strong cast for the sequel.

These images will prove what I mean...

Meet the newbies! Beetee and Mags (Two at the top), (Clockwise from Mags) Brutus, Wiress, Gloss, Finnick, Johanna, Enobaria and Cashmere.

 Of course the lovely three  Posters at the top of the page are Peeta and Katniss!

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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