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Hello My Lovely's, 

I have to start with a MASSIVE thank you to Fox for sending me this film! It has to be one of the best films of this century and anyone who hasn't seen it must! I watched the film in Blu-ray as I didn't have time to see it when it was released at the cinema but I can only imagine how good it must have been for those who did.

Director Ang Lee deserved his Oscar so much after watching this film. The CGI work on this film is incredible. Lee's visual style is one of great expertises and for someone to produce something as finely detailed and beautiful as this is fantastic. Many of you will have seen the lion scene, but it is all about the Whale scene. Honestly remarkable pieces of work!

I also want to praise the acting in the film, as the way in which newcomer Suraj Sharma took on quite a challenging role was memorizing. He seemed to just get what Hollywood is looking for in all its leading males and just took it all in his stride. Although with his praise must come Rafe Spall's as Yann Martel, of course for nerds like myself will know is the name of the author who wrote the book that the film is based on.

Spall's portrayal made the whole film seem like it was a friend telling you a story. The way in which Lee decided to place the author in the film was so sweet, allowing all to see the innocence of the truth in the story being portrayed on screen. It was as if you were sitting at the table in the film listening in to something that seemed like a dream! (Yes I know its a story)

I won't spoil anything for anyone but the twist ending is quite simple astounding and many of you won't be expecting it because I certainly wasn't! I was so shocked by it and simple couldn't get over it for a couple of days.

I know this is a small review but I don't want to say to much because I don't want to give away anything and I think if I did a massive review then I probably would do. Sorry!

This film is getting a huge...

5 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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