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Hello My Lovely's, 

As mentioned before the lovely people at Twentieth Century Fox sent me some DVDs and included in them was the film 'Taken 2'. This film was going to have to impress me a lot to be as good as the original and I have to say it didn't. It lacked a lot in many aspects and I feel like the original should have been where it was left off.

A weak plot for a weak film. For such a fantastic film to start with I would definitely say for fans to avoid this one as you will definitely be disappointed. The plot is nothing compared to the original and lacks in places that others are succeeding in. As a sequel, stay away from the rubbish!

Liam Neeson takes the reins again as Bryan Mills and while his character is of course still brilliant, it just didn't seem as special as it did in the first one. The desperation seemed lost now that he had nothing to really fight for. Of course, the action moments are featured in the film, but they are nothing special and I expected something bigger then was witnessed. For a man who is seen as one of the only action heroes still surviving on the big screen, this was not a top performance from the hero.

The reappearance of Mill's daughter Kim, played by Maggie Grace (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn), is more key in this film which is actually the most interesting moment of this film. It was really the only difference I saw from the first film, as she was now her own person instead of a weakling!

Director Olivier Megaton, wasn't really thinking through this sequel and has made himself seem weak in the eyes of Hollywood legends. It definitely wasn't something a director would be proud to have in his catalogue of films and if I was him I would want to forget about it as quickly as I could.

As a whole I am going to give this film...

2 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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