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Hello My Lovely's,

I have come to a very sad end of all the brilliant films that the lovely people at Lionsgate sent me and have decided to finish it with the film, 'On The Road'.

Directed by Walter Salles, the film focuses on the legendary novel by Jack Kerouac of the same name and stars some of Hollywood's biggest newcomers. Tackling some of the hardest characters ever, Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart take the reins in this film. However I don't think they are all successful in doing so.

I cannot praise enough the performance of Hedlund within the film, as it has definitely strengthened his acting abilities in my eyes compared to his other films. He finally gets a strong enough role to display his talent instead of the lacking performances he was known for! I hope to see more of him acting this way in the future. However his co-stars do not quite live up to his superb performance during their time on screen.  

Considering Riley is playing the key character, he gives a weak performance. While he may stand in the shadows of Hedlund's, Dean, character in the book, he is meant to be the most important figure in this film in letting audiences understand the key storyline. However he doesn't! He focuses too much on getting sex from every female on screen or waiting to have sex on screen, making him lack in every narrators key features. He gives his weakest performance to date in this film!

Stewart, may give a better performance than any other films she stars in but she lacks so much in presenting the innocence of the characters lost childhood. She portrays a character way older than the 16 year old she is meant to be, which for me and many people who have read the novel, it seems like she just doesn't get what she is meant to be portraying which makes her so unsuitable for this role.

Overall the plot is kept to the original novel but I don't know it that was a good thing considering the actors apart from Hedlund, could not get with what they were meant to be showing. It was ridiculous but clever all at the same time but it just lacked so much. There was actually quite a few times I wanted to turn the film off and times where I could check my phone and still be able to fall back into place when I looked up again as nothing had changed or happened on screen.

For a legendary novel, this film does not present the true key aspects of the texts and so therefore I could not give it a good score. This means that I am giving the film...

3 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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