The Cabin in the Woods Review


Hello My Lovely's,

Thanks to Lionsgate again for this DVD! Here is my review of the film :)

Now I love a good horror film, but honestly stay away from this one. It will honestly leave you so annoyed for weeks because of its rubbish over the top ending.
Directed by Drew Goddard and produced by Joss Whedon, way before his 'Avengers' days, the film focuses on the 90's style teenage horror films in the 21st century. Starring Chris Hemsworth as the only noticeable actor in the film, it makes pulling my own eyes out seem like a more enjoyable hobby to be doing.

While all media aspects of the film were seemed to be a brilliant new spin on the horror genre this is anything but good. Five teenagers, each one being part of the normal social clichés of films nowadays, embarks on the horrors that teens are now fearful of due to the horror industry. Of course from the title you can tell that it all seems to take place around a 'Cabin in the Woods' however it is the brilliant and probably only good part of this film that cause the horror. Societies around them are making their worst fears come to life through the objects of their own desires in the basement. As a viewer this was the only interesting part that I enjoyed as the men were obviously taking the mick out of what they were witnessing. Although this doesn't count for all of the film.

From the start you think it is all going to be okay and be an actually alright horror film, but it is the annoying moments that make it ridiculous.

An example of this is the scene in the lift. It was brilliant how they had a lift that showed the only survivors the game in which the men on screen were playing, although when it later comes back to the horror figures actually coming out on screen, it was a lovely piece of CGI work. This was the start of the boring mayhem about to take place.

It all makes it melodramatic conclusion in that one moment called the supposed ending! Dying to stop the underworld taking over. Oh Brilliant! Just what everyone needed to watch! It ruined the film! Ruined! What starts out as a great film that has hope turns into a load of rubbish that I honestly could not stand! I have seen the film three times now and even to this day it still makes me mad that they used something so over the top to end the film.

I know the review was short however I completely disliked the film and I honestly didn't have much to say about it over than its weaknesses. It was quite ironic I got sent this film as I had been speaking with a follower on Twitter about the film only a couple of days ago :)

For this melodramatic piece of rubbish I am giving it...

2 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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