Seven Psychopaths Review


Hello My Lovely's,

What a film! Fast, funny and ironical entertaining, this is one for everyone apart from those who may get a little queasy at blood!

Directed and written by Martin McDonagh, the film focuses on a man who after struggling to come up with a screenplay for his next film, creates a script on 'Seven Psychopaths' who he finds he has also encountered in his real life!
British cinema has never looked as good as this! McDonagh has created a brilliant British film that keeps you hooked right up until the last moment. There are so many moments in this film that shocked me, disgusted me but ultimately had me laughing at the irony of the men in the film knowing that they are in a film.

From the outlook at the start of the film, many audience members including myself expected the normal, thriller based films, Hollywood has been generating for years. However this film beats all expectations!

Colin Farrell takes the reign as leading man Marty Faranan and as someone who is not the biggest fan of Farrell; I loved his performances in this. He made it more interesting in questioning everything on screen to see if it was real or all part of his screenplay against Sam Rockwell's Billy Bickle, who has become so obsessed by the idea of a shootout at the end that he confuses the audience entirely.

For minor characters Woody Harrelson's Charlie Costello, is brilliant as he searches for his dog throughout the film. His performance in this reminded me so much of his character in 'Zombieland' as he mentions his obsession for revenge over his dog instead of the loved ones that he has lost. For entertainment he is the man to bring it to the film, as he just gets what a film needs to be excellent.

One presentation of femininity in the film that I think was so disturbing yet interesting was the wife who took control of all the murders in one montage scene. From burning people, cutting a person’s arm off and to being referred to as a 'serial killers killer', this one female male made a grown man cry in fear and 
McDonagh's placement of this in the film is in fact brilliant for exceeding the audiences expectations.

All of the characters were better than I thought they were going to be as I thought about the way an all-male cast would have been if it was some huge Hollywood Blockbuster, although the subtle male figures in this film make it so brilliant. They are not what you expect and their actions to life our not what you expect.

I also loved the way that the men knew that they were in a film and how they ultimately used that to choose their own endings! This made it a great viewing in watching all of the aspects unfold on screen, as well as why they would want that ending! But really it was all in the head of an alcoholic!

The film was thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend that everyone watches it, to see the good old fashioned British film industry back in full swing!

These Psychopaths are getting...

4 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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