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Hello My Lovely's,

So third day into the themed week and I am very excited as I love this film. 'Thor' is my favourite avenger and superhero out of all of them and I know many of you may find this weird but I wanted to express my love for the character.

'Thor' directed by legendary actor himself Kenneth Branagh, displays Chris Hemsworth as his best as he displays the God of Thunder. Hemsworth's Thor is a lot more comical then the cartoon versions or even the comics make him out to be which is why so many people including myself love him. He is able to beat off the villains including his brother to allow himself a place in his world as King.

 However Thor soon is banished from using his world famous hammer to defeat evil by his Father played by Anthony Hopkins, who cannot believe Thor has taken this kind of action against a world in which they have tried to make peace with. Hopkins character is the key aspect of the film in allowing other characters to be introduced and to explain why characters turn out the way they do. I feel like while he isn't my reason for the watching the film, he has to sort of become it as he allows you as an audience member to fully understand what you are watching!

Thor's dismiss to Earth allows Natalie Portman's Jane Foster to be presented on screen. Different to the Marvel comics in that she isn't the nurse employed by Thor, Jane is a likeable female protagonist in the film. I don't normally like the way in which women are made to look weak in superhero films, however Branagh has made Jane a strong and easily able to defend herself character due to the way in which she treats Thor. Ultimately she has all of the knowledge that Thor doesn't making her brains a good match for Thor's strength. Their romantic relationship is also not a soppy one but one in which shows the pair as equals as Jane fights for answers on Earth and Thor in Asgard.

The villain portrayed in Thor is also brilliant. Now if you didn't gather from my Avengers review that I loved Loki then you must have misread. Apart from the Joker, Loki is one of the best villains on cinema screens nowadays and has made the distinct bond with all audiences about this relationship. Loki is a lovable villain especially due to his back story found in 'Thor' as we find that he was stolen from his father and original planet and never fully got the love of a father. He only seeks revenge to become something bigger then his father so that he will finally be admired for something!

Overall the film is a brilliant production that isn't just filled with male strength but the fight of a family, which many would see as extreme. I would suggest watching this before watching 'The Avengers' if you have never seen them as it will be a lot easier to understand. This film is a brilliant and light fill to watch which is filled with comical yet action packed film which both genders will enjoy :)

I am giving 'Thor'...
4 Stars

Until Next Time...

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