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Hello My Lovely's,

Sorry this has taken so long to be written today but I have been feeling really ill :/ I am still going to write the review however I just wanted to let you know I'm very sorry if it isn't very good and I hope you can understand!

Today's review is on the comedic Superhero film 'Kick-Ass' directed by Matthew Vaughn and co-written with Jane Goodman, a god send in my eyes, the film looks at the life of the nerdy kids in school who are actually the people that save everyone in their city's due to their 'heroic' acts.

Dave or 'Kick-Ass', portrayed by up and coming actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is a normal kid who loves to read about hero's in comics. However upon buying a bodysuit, he soon morphs into the real life hero's many believe in. Dave is not a good hero, in fact he manages to get stabbed and hit by a car in his first attempt at saving the world, yet after the accident leaves him with severe nerve-damage, Dave soon becomes the hero. As a superhero I loved Dave, he managed to keep his identity a secret in one of the most obvious portrayals and even though he cannot in any way save the day without the help of a 12 year old girl, he still manages to come out on top and get the girl (admittedly he does have to act gay first). He is someone that I think many teenage boys can look up to as they all want to do something heroic in their lives to make themselves look like a God.

Talking about his little helper Hit-Girl or to the normal people around her Mindy, is one of the most controversial characters. At the time Chloe Grace Moretz was only 11 or 12 and to say the swear word she states in modern day cinema seemed to annoy many an audience member. For me as a critic I actually did mind it, as I felt that it made people realise how much that word is used in society today and that they have to realise that if they hate hearing it from someone so young, they have actually influenced her more by saying so much. Moretz ultimately built her name from this portrayal and as the young girl turned superhero, whose mother tragically dies, she portrays the role of the masculine figure very well. She saves Dave and her father many times as they seek revenge and her admiration for her father Big Daddy or Damon, of course played by Nicolas Cage, highlights what happens when a child does not have a mother figure.

While Dave is weak from not having a mother and being brought up by a single father, he is ultimately portraying the role in which Mindy should be following, which is ironic when Mindy is actually the strongest one out of the pair.

Now for anyone out their who has ever watched a film with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, then you know that the gags and laughter will soon follow, which is why I could not get over the fact that they had chosen him to play the villain Red-Mist. Chris to all around him is the ultimate reflection of Dave, the geeky school boy who is brought up by a father. However in Chris' case his father happens to be a gang leader who framed Mindy's father causing him to end up in prison and caused her mothers death, making him a little bit more evil some could say. Red-Mist is one of the best comical villains on screen. He is able to outsmart his gang leading father due to his brains, in which his father doesn't have much of.

I really enjoyed 'Kick-Ass' the first time I saw and still to this day in fact. I was never worried by the violence or the swearing like many critics seemed to argue was to extreme (You will understand me if you have ever seen drive) and I felt that it needed to be shown in a comical light to show just how much Hollywood and even British films depend on it.

I will be very quick to go and watch the sequel upon its release!

Overall I am giving 'Kick-Ass'...

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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