First Disney Review: Toy Story


Hello My Lovely's,

So I am starting my new blog theme with the brilliant 'Toy Story'. Toy Story has been one on those Disney films that have been passed on from me to my niece and nephew and is still absolutely brilliant. It has an everlasting feel over everyone who watches it.

The story focuses on Andy's toys, cowboy Sheriff Woody the leader of the pack, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie the rodeo cowgirl and the other toys within his toy box who get up to all kinds of troubles as a pack. Woody played by film legend Tom Hanks who is one of my favourite actors will always stay in my heart for making my childhood dreams come true, by making the toys come alive, however it still shocks me to learn that my niece's Woody toy is voiced by Hank's brother instead of him.

Although one figure who many favoured over Woody was Buzz which my niece happily state is better than Woody as she dreamed of being him for years (Her and My Nephew on the left!)

In 'Toy Story' I remember always the moments in which we meet the character Sid, who was possible the most scariest character in the world as a child, ironically he reminded me of my brother who always took it upon himself to torture my toys.

It is also one of the most remembered film scores of all time with, 'You've got a Friend in Me' being a personal favourite in singing along classics. I still know all of the words after years and I am not afraid to say that I have it on my Ipod.

Now on to a review of the film....

'Toy Story' created in November 1995 (Wasn't even one, yet I love it!) by John Lasseter starred a cowboy named Woody who has been the king of the toy box for year and his journey surrounding the other toys and his owner Andy. However upon Andy's birthday a new toy is brought into the toy box, Buzz Lightyear!

The toys soon start listening to new leader Buzz Lightyear causing Woody to feel disheartened as he witnesses Buzz believes that he is a real space ranger.

However tragedy strikes for the toys when a disastrous trip to Pizza Planet sees Woody and Buzz be left behind in a petrol station and Andy's demonic neighbour Sid finds the toys in a crane machine in the station. Sid continues to torture the toys but the pair soon decide enough is enough and scare Sid away.

It is soon a race to get to Andy on time which leaves the film in a climactic finale which still to the this day has many audience members hearts racing!

The film will never be anything but brilliant and changed the expectations of Disney's animations forever with many never living up to the expectations of 'Toy Story'!

There is literally nothing wrong with this film apart from the emotional aspect that is seen in 'Toy Story 3' and the fact that at the time of release these characters were not expecting to be as big as they have now become!

I hope Disney lets the film franchise end there as it ended on such a high which will be ruined if they decide to make changes to the film.

This is film is getting nothing less then ....


Until Next Time...

Joey xxx

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