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Hello My Lovely's,

So another film in which Soda Pictures sent me was the film 'Babycall" which was also released in 2011 by director Pal Sletaune and stars one of best up and coming actresses Noomi Rapace, who has starred in 'Prometheus' and 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. 

 Rapace plays Anna, a women who is petrified by her own shadow after a horrible case of domestic violence. Anna moves away to protect her son from the horrors of his father after a constant attack and after being advised by Social services she is  told to let him be a child. However Anna takes her motherhood very seriously and manages to outsmart them by buying baby monitors, or as known in the film 'Babycall' to make sure her son is always protected. 

I am one of the least motherly people out there when it comes to children however the love that this mother has for her child is awe inspiring. It allows any audience member including myself to see how far people really go to protect their children from the dangers of the outside world. Rapace's characters performance is brilliant as it shows how much a women is born to be a mother, as I had never seen her convey such a brilliant performance. 

The world on screen was like the gritty world of the normal London film industry which was interesting to see when the film was shot in Oslo. It proves so much to the audiences when they can identify the hardness of life which is brought up so many times in London society, which is why I can see how this film did so well on the English screens. 

One character that interested me was Helge who was ultimately the only piece of reality in a world full of dreams and fantasy on Anna's part. He presented the real child coming to terms with the absence of a father figure and the loss or break down of a mother who isn't really in control of caring for her son. 

The whole film is a parallel of the two relationships coming together to show old and new and the way in which they affect an audience’s perception of them. They are both weak in their minds with the children being the only strong ones within the film. 

As a whole I really enjoyed the film and the ending was just brilliant. At first it was a bit strange to see Rapace in a film outside of her normal situations; however I think that this may actually be a good career move for her in the future as it seemed to suit her so much more. I would suggest that all of you see the film at some point as it will really put into perspective the love a mother has for her child. 

I am giving 'Babycall'...

5 Stars

Until Next Time...
Joey xxx

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